Golf Towels

Keep your balls and clubs clean and your bag looking fresh!

Not Your Grandfather’s Golf Towels

The best golf towels are the ones that compliment your golf bag.  It was time for someone to think outside of the box and innovate. Sunday Golf answered the call. Our golf towels are made with a waffle texture microfiber that easily removes dirt, sand, and other junk from your clubs while providing you with a cool design.  These golf towels are thirsty! Just add some water and they’ll stay wet to last your entire round.  No carabiner or hook required – a center slit allows you to hang these golf towels on any club for easy access. 

Golf Towels Designed to Help You Make a Statement

Sure, you can do the bare minimum with a simple, white golf towel but do you want to be known as the type of person that does the bare minimum or do you want some flair? Sunday Golf golf towels can be your flair. Golf towels that allow you to show state pride or rep Sunday Golf proudly. Sure, these golf towels will keep your clubs and golf balls clean, but they’ll also let the course know you’re here to have a good time. 

The Best Golf Towels for the Golfer that Has Everything

The golfer in your life probably doesn’t need more golf balls or gloves, but maybe you could help them out and replace that dish towel they have attached to their bag. Here at Sunday Golf, we’ve put the excitement back into golf towels. Golf towels are often a forgotten golf bag accessory so give them something they never expected – a Sunday Golf golf towel that will help their game and their look.